Draw for Carter's Senior Tee League


Tee Time
12:24 Dick Vansnick Barry Macleod Don Smith Max Macdonald
12:36 David Gilmore Gerry Lowe Jack Brown Gordon Bowes
12:48 Chuck Goodwin Corey Sigut Eldon Mackay Bill Ford
1:00 Larry Giffin Frank Kingston Bill Thompson Paul Macdougall
1:12 Roy Porter Gary Perrin Paul Harrison Richard Stinson
1:24 Brian Brooks Cliff Lowrey Mike Hopper Ron Case
1:36 Alan Tupper Dale Macdonald Jim burbine Kris Bienkowski
1:48 Joe Bourgeois Paul Christie Dan Burke Bob Goldrich
2:00 Gary Lucci Carson Thompson Jamie Crocket Tony Morley
2:12 Gary Carter Andy Morris Robert Beardsley Gary Carter JR
2:24 Bob Milner Gerry Edwards Eric Scott Don Cormier
2:36 Doug Shatford Lee Crowell Tony Wood Paul Carr
2:48 Stan Wheeler Allison Brown Peter McCabe Grant Lewis
3:00 Al Baldock Jim Traill Fred Gould
3:48 Rod Wood Ed Canton Girvan Dunlop Barry Helm
4:00 Doug Polley Kevin Perrin Joe Arnold BRuce Hebert
4:12 Bill Munro Tre Brundage Cayne Amos Ken Parrell
4:24 Wayne Hurley Ted Mills Steve Wood
4:36 Corey Helm Joel Stronge Charlie Seymour
4:48 Brian Creighton Lee Gilbert Eric Richards

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